Sunday, July 22, 2012

Avast Pro Antivirus 7.0.1426 with License Valid till 2014

 Size Avast Pro Antivirus 7.0.1426 with License Valid till 2014: 91.8 MB

Avast! - Anti-virus software that can find viruses on your PC hard disk in its memory, boot sectors, etc. Supported by a virus in the letters, there is a script blocker. Virus database is constantly updated and can be downloaded via the Internet. Avast! has a simple and intuitive interface with skins support. The program is equipped with modules for checking email, Internet traffic, IM and P2P clients. Contains a repository of suspicious or infected files and scan engine before loading Windows.

The new version of avast! 7.0.1426:

- New:
• Continuous updating of antivirus databases in real time (in addition to the update schedule).
• Cloud technology reliability assessment files FileRep, improves protection against new threats, which increases the reliability of detection and speeds up the scanning process.
• Remote control a computer via an antivirus to get help from more experienced users.
• Can be installed in compatibility mode for simultaneous operation with other anti-virus as a "second line of defense."
• Online condition monitoring installed on different computers and the status of antivirus protection system through a web portal AVAST (supported platforms Windows, Mac and Android).

- Revised:
• Improved virtualization startup suspicious programs AutoSandbox mode and the browser in an isolated environment.
• Improved system for assessing the reputation of Web sites: heuristic detection of phishing sites, detection of fake SSL-certificate, browser support for Apple Safari.
• When making financial transactions are automatically prompted to run stand-alone desktop SafeZone (in the paid versions).
• Improvements in the interface.
• Now the installer can choose to not install any unwanted or unneeded modules.

- Other:
• Compatible with Windows 8.

Key technologies:
• core antivirus and antispyware
• Protection against rootkits in real-time
• Base avast! Community IQ
• Study methods intruders in unprotected networks
• Intelligent checker avast! Intelligent Scanner
• Intelligent update virus databases
• Auto / game mode
• "Green" Computer
• Shield the file system / e-mail
• Web Shield
• Shield P2P/mgnovennyh posts
• Network Shield
• Shield of Conduct
• Shield Script
• isolated environment avast! Sandbox
• Automatic firewall
• Anti-spam

List of major changes and improvements
- New installer;
- Improvements in the GUI;
- Service FileRep (by clouds);
- Streaming updates;
- Improvements in the sandbox sandbox and automatic;
- Improve the web browser security;
- The function of remote assistance to solve problems with remote computers;
- Tools support;
- Export / Import settings;
- Update splash screen (screensaver);
- Runs on Windows 8 Developer Preview;
- And many other security enhancements.

Hybrid technology. Services in the "cloud"

Service reputation FileRep
• Services allow reputation of avast! make better decisions by sending queries to the database avast! the reputation of the file.

Streaming updates
• Streaming allows you to update avast! provide permanent protection against the latest threats.

Setting Compatibility Mode
Mode setting as a second line of defense. Allows you to install antivirus software avast! in compatibility mode. This means that you can use avast! with anti-virus program, which now stands on your computer. Some of the features in this case will not be installed.

Remote assistance
The function allows users to remotely care of avast! establish connections and to show each other desktops computers. This can be handy if you need technical support, as well as for general administrative purposes.

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