Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pakistan’s Ipad Ebook Nbook are now Available in market

PACPAD 1 is Pakistan’s first attempt at making a good portable tablet, The PAC in the name stands for the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, which is the air force base in Kamra where it is made, PACPAD 1 was made using Chinese hardware which accounts for its low cost factor. Pakistan has a very fast growing market for Tablets nowadays, especially after the iPad came along.

The specs of the tablet are good, it runs on Android 2.3, a 7 inch Capacitive display much like the Kindle Fire,, 256 MB of ram, the tablet comes in 3/4/8 and 16 GB models and costs around $200, the supposed battery life of the tablet is 10 Hours which might not be all true partly due to the cheap parts that would have been used, one thing that gives the tablet an advantage is the a local, one-year guarantee that comes with it.

The PACPAD 1 had the ability to play almost any format off the shelf including MKV, AVI, FLV etc, it comes with Microsoft Office and quite a few other softwares pre-installed, the tablet also comes with an HDMI output and internal 3D acceleration which enables it to play 3D games(this feature might be very limited). The most surprising fact about the tablet is that it does not come with support for an URDU language keyboard as they have not mentioned it under the Language section of the site.

I have not yet had the opportunity to test this tablet but I doubt its performance will be any better then the price of all the China based android tablets out there, its a good start but I doubt it will be able to compete with the 200$ Amazon Kindle Fire which is easily available in Pakistan although this tablet consists of expandable memory and more outputs then the Kindle Fire.

The manufactures say that only a few hundred pieces of each products has been made so far saying a new batch will be arriving in the next three months. 

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