Saturday, July 21, 2012

Windows Seven Effects 2.0 Download

Windows Seven Effects 2.1

 Size: 33.5 MB

1. Seven Remix XP 2.1 with Patch

2. 7 Taskbar Iconizer

3. Icon Size

4. Rainmeter

5. Refresh Icon Cache

6. TransBar

7. TrueTransparency

8. UberIcon

9. VisualTooltip

10. WinFlip

11. YzShadow

Apply the Windows 7 look & feel to Windows XP

Windows Seven RC is already out, but if you're unsure whether to try it or not, you can always start by applying the new look and fear to your current operating system.
With Seven Remix you can make Windows XP look like Windows Seven in just a few clicks. This theme includes all the eye-candy featured in Microsoft's new operating system: wallpapers, skins, cursors, system sounds, screensaver and, of course, the boot and logon screens.
Visual themes are usually difficult to install and get running. Seven Remix however can be installed in a breeze. The installation wizard walks you through the whole process and also lets you choose exactly which elements will be installed and which not. For further security, Seven Remix also creates a system restoration point before applying any changes.
On the downside, this theme only includes basic visual changes. That means you won't get Aero effects, window preview or any of the other advanced Windows 7 graphical features.

Seven Remix enables you to give your good old Windows XP a shiny, renewed Windows 7 appearance.

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