Monday, July 23, 2012

Ways to protect bad effects of your phone

Today's post is about protecting against electromagnetic waves of your mobile. In one day, If you are talking with mobile phone more than 15 minutes, you may be in risk.

 We can minimize bad effects with a few tips

In our life, mobile phones has an important place. But we have to minimize the electromagnetic absorption.

Here are some tips;

1- Don't touch the antenna while talking with your mobile phone. If you close the antenna, phone will circulate more electromagnetic wave. Figure 2 is showing the correct position.

2- If there is low signal on your place, Dont talk with your mobile. If your call is urgent, you have to talk max. 10-20 seconds.. In low signal, Your phone is circulating 6-7 times powerful electromagnetic wave.

3- Try to leave a distance between your phone and your ear.

4- Learn your SAR value. If it's highter than 2.0W/Kg, change your phone immediately (for ex: Nokia N95 is 0.59W/Kg) Nokia has a list of SAR values. You can learn your value in this page (There is no Nokia Phone higher than 2.0W/Kg)

5- If you have to talk with your mobile phone more than 1-2 hours, I hardly recommend you to use headsets. That will definitely protect you against electromagnetic waves (I âm always using headphones when talking for hours..)
Hope u like these tips!!


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